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Bedi is a clothing brand that takes the sensibilities of traditional South Asian apparel and reinterprets the codes of style to fit the contemporary demands of the modern cosmopolitan person.


The Bedi client knows how to turn heads but never looks back. They are self-assured and knows how to strike the perfect balance of bold and daring ingenuity while maintaining a reverence towards heritage.


Based in New York City, founder and creative director Alice Narang established Bedi with the vision of integrating Indian attire and streetwear into the quotidian. These daring, culturally influenced reinterpretations of ready-to-wear pieces translate from morning to sundown.


Every stride becomes a celebration of self-expression and pride in South Asian ancestry. The pursuit of establishing Bedi has become a reflection on multiple generations and their intersections within culture, history, and rewriting the future.


Bedi is the surname of Alice Narang’s late grandfather, Mohinder Singh Bedi. Due to culturally patriarchal norms, the surname was lost over time as generations and families grew.


Reclaiming the name for the brand embodies creative energy that is not bound by gender or antiquated norms but rather by boundless creativity, expression, and innovation.


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